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Birthdate:Jul 25
Player Name: Wolfie
AIM: My OOC screen name is magnodragon. Please say who you are when you message me.

Character: Pumbaa
Series: The Lion King
Version: Special Edition DVD, and 1 1/2, before Nala meets Simba again.
Age: adult warthog
Gender: male
Sexuality: ...
Appearance: Pumbaa's a fat brown warthog. His skin has a more reddish tint to it, and it's darker around his belly. His legs bigger close to his body, but the lower legs are are short, skinny and slightly splayed out to support his weight, hoofs pointed outward from his middle. His tail is just as thin, and ends in a tuft of very dark brown fur. It's usually held high, letting the tuft droop downward. A mane of the same color as the tail tuft runs most of the way down Pumbaa's back from the top of his head. His ears are long, and usually droop over his wide, pointy cheekbones. His yellow eyes are set right in and above his cheeks, brow just a little above his skull, and his pupils are a bit small. His nose is very long and wide, ending in a big, flat, spade-shaped hog snout that goes over his very big white tusks. The tusks are bigger than his lower legs, and stick out at angles from his big mouth.

At heart, Pumbaa is a fun-loving, relaxed individual. He lives his motto of "Hakuna Matata" - "no worries" - to its utmost.
At first glance, Pumbaa seems very slow to pick up on most things. He doesn't always catch any subtle meaning behind what someone's saying, and he might need someone to explain things twice before he gets them. This can make him a bit gullible sometimes, especially around his "bestest best friend" Timon. He also really doesn't get sarcasm unless someone tells him, and he tends to mix up words on accident too. Despite his dim-wittedness, though, he has an unexpectedly deep well of knowledge to draw from, and knows far more than one would expect. Usually this knowledge has little, if anything, to do with what he should have been able to learn in or around the Pride Lands.
Pumbaa is also a caring individual. If he sees a way he can help someone, he'll be more than happy too, even if it's just telling jokes to cheer them up. He's very quick to make new friends that way, and absolutely loves it. He'll even poke and prod Timon endlessly to get the meerkat to do something nice once in a while.
On the subject of getting Timon to do things, Pumbaa can prove to be the meerkat's voice of reason. He's the first one to get worried about something, and will warn Timon as soon as he gets a bad feeling. He's not really the bravest of warthogs, though, so he can get a bad feeling rather quickly, and over things that aren't necessarily that bad. Making him uneasy isn't much of a challenge, and he's also easy to scare.
He's a sensitive warthog, too, and isn't afraid to let himself cry. He often bursts into tears, even at smaller things; but especially at really big things, like watching a friend leave.
Pumbaa is very slow to any sort of anger, or even really irritation, but that patience can run out. When it does, though, he makes the fact he is sick of dealing with whatever it is very clear. This can be with yelling or with force.

Abilities/Weaponry/Strengths: (Strengths referring to personality type strengths. Not physical ones.)
Pumbaa's best weapon, by far, would have to be his rear end. He is, unfortunately, cursed with a terrible flatulence problem, which at times can be very, very useful. The stench is tremendously overpowering and far-reaching, and the usual It can also be the exact opposite.

His next resort? Running away. ...And screaming. And this warthog is an excellent study at both.

However, if you get him angry enough, he'll bring those massive warthog tusks to your direction. And you do not want Mr. Pig after you.

Thanks to his perfected techniques of bug-hunting, Pumbaa has also picked up a few other special skills, among them belching (after he eats them), sneaking (which he's quite good at), and pouncing...sort of. And eating is his greatest single talent.

He's also a great singer.

His big heart makes it easy for him to make friends, and he won't blindly follow just anyone around. His relaxed lifestyle means it's pretty easy for him to roll with an insult, either laughing it off or simply not worrying about it at all.

Weaknesses: (Physical and mental)
Pumbaa is just a normal warthog physically. He doesn't have anything special to keep him safe if something bad happens, so he has to tread carefully in order to avoid injury.

He's also easily frightened or disturbed, and he'll run away as soon as he senses imminent danger.
His slightly slow mind can also leave him a little gullible sometimes, though not always; he isn't completely unused to being tricked, thanks to Timon.

Due to his flatulence problem, Pumbaa was kicked out of his pack. He wandered alone until he found Timon, and he became quick friends with the meerkat. It was Pumbaa who really introduced Timon to "Hakuna Matata," and for a long time the two of them lived at the oasis very comfortably. When they found a lion cub alone and covered in buzzards, it was Pumbaa who got Timon to help the little guy. That proved to be the action that got Simba into their Hakuna Matata trio. Pumbaa didn't have nearly as much trouble raising Simba as Timon did, but Timon also took much of the responsibility on himself. Pumbaa was more the provider. He also was the one who kept score in all the Hakuna Matata contests between the lion and the meerkat.

One night, the trio was looking up at the stars. Timon mused what was up there, and Simba said what his dad had told him. Not knowing, Timon started laughing, and Pumbaa joined him, until Simba stopped laughing and left. It was only a few days later when a lioness Simba used to know suddenly appeared at the oasis. Pumbaa was quick to accept that his years-long friend was king, just like she was saying, even though Simba was trying to deny it. Timon and Pumbaa both looked on from a distance as Simba and Nala fell in love, and when it looked like Simba was ready to leave for good both of them burst into tears. The next morning, when they learned that Simba had gone back to Pride Rock, Pumbaa left right after Nala did to go help his friend--even leaving Timon behind. Timon did follow after only a little thought, though.

Pumbaa's first major part of the battle was to serve as bait, so that Simba could get to Scar. This was easy to accomplish, as a warthog is a very tasty treat to a hyena. He helps to beat back the hyenas with Timon atop his head. His second big part in the fight, though, was to barrel into the hyenas who were trying to get to Timon and Zazu, and chase them off.
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